Over 2000 papers edited, numerous Apps localised, millions of words translated and still counting!

Get Language Editing, Proofreading, Localisation and Translation Services at an affordable price.

The Editing Centre Offers Editing, Proofreading, Localisation, Translation & other Language Services

At the Editing Centre, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Our intentional essay is to purify your special text before you broadcast and publish it.

We edit and proofread your Academic Assignment, Honours Dissertation, Masters Dissertation or your PhD Thesis. Our in-house editing experts have an amazing profile and a trail of recommendations.


Academic Editing

  1. Essay and Assignment Editing
  2. Honours Dissertation Editing
  3. Masters Dissertation Editing
  4. Journal Article Editing
  5. PhD Thesis Editing

Research and Consultancy

  1. Checking of your references
  2. Honours Research Methods Consultancy
  3. Masters Research Methods Consultancy
  4. PhD Research Methods Consultancy

Specialist Editing

  1. Editing for Publishers and Printing Houses
  2. Government documents editing
  3. We edit any other special documents

Website Localisation and Translation

  1. We translate to-and-from all the eleven South African Languages.
  2. We translate to-and-from all African Languages
  3. Mobile App Localisation
  4. Website Localisation

Localisation Services

Do you have a mobile or web app that you want to translate?

At the Editing Centre, we understand the value of language. We bring the language to its speakers and we take the language from its speakers to the World. Our portfolio boasts of all African Languages and our translation profile exudes professionalism. We vouch to always exceed your expectation.

Mobile App localisation service in south africa- the editing centre

Graduate in style.

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    What our customers say

    Thanks, I’m satisfied with your input. I will share the information about your Language Editing services with my colleagues.

    Pena Jonas (Masters Dissertation)

    Hi John, I went through the work and I am very happy. I must say that you have exceeded my expectations with the turn around time. That was super great. Thank you. I appreciate all the efforts you have done.

    Winnie (Masters Dissertation)


    Proofreading service.

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