About The Editing Centre

As winner of the MEA Markets African Excellence Awards, The Editing Centre received the Editing & Proofreading Service of the Year 2024 – South Africa award. This proves that we provide exceptional language editing, proofreading, localisation, language consultancy, modern CV writing, document editing, cover letter writing and translation services to Africa and the world. We produce impeccable, error-free and flawless documents.

Who We Are

The Editing Centre is an institution founded on the principles of quality management. With our help, you have the guarantee of impeccable, error-free and flawless documents. Our corporate culture, in which professionalism is non-negotiable, guarantees a high-quality service. Our employees are guided by the philosophy of accountability.

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Our vision

To offer unparalleled language services to all of our clients at all times.

Our mission

We provide language services of exceptional quality that universities recommend to their students and staff, that students prefer for academic editing of their dissertations and theses, that businesses and governments choose for legal proofreading, language translation, localisation and other language-related services, that employees are proud of and that investors seek for long-term returns.

Meet Our Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Dr. John Mambambo

The Editing Centre team is led by a language expert with international academic and industry experience. Dr Mambambo was the first in Africa to translate “Decolonising the Mind“. He was nominated for and awarded a prestigious postdoctoral research fellowship at Rhodes University in June 2021, where he focused on expanding his “Decolonising the mind” project into five other African languages: isiZulu, isiXhosa, Sesotho, Ndebele (Zim) and Kiswahili. He has been invited as a guest speaker at some universities in England to speak about his initiatives on the language front. He was recruited for a position as Meta (Facebook) Senior Linguist. He has many years of experience in localisation, editing, proofreading and translation. He has edited published texts and spoken at international conferences. He has edited numerous Masters and PhD theses from South African and international universities. He has worked as a Proofreading Associate and Managing Editor for UK-based companies. The Editing Centre is the confluence of language and passion.


Who we work with

The Editing Centre has worked with some of the most amazing institutions and companies in South Africa and beyond the African shores.

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